Characteristics of the Emotional Component Frame Model of the Lockdown Concept

Keywords: the concept LOCKDOWN, the frame analysis, the emotional characteristic.


Some attempts to create an emotional characteristic by the linguistic description of the concept LOCKDOWN are accomplished in this article. To reach the aim of this research the frame analysis of a written text was applied as one of the basic methods of analysis concerning mechanisms of interaction in verbal and cognitive structures. Having analyzed a verbal performance, the conclusion was made that the concept LOCKDOWN has got the following emotional characteristic: FEAR as a dominant emotion (fear of uncertainty; fear of illness; fear for life; fear for the nearest and dearest; fear of losing a job (you/parents); fear of losing contacts; fear of staying without a rest); SATISFACTION (satisfaction from not getting early; satisfaction from studying at home; satisfaction from communicating with family/domestic animals). Overall, the emotive characteristic of the concept LOCKDOWN is a combination of dominant destructive (80%) and constructive (20%) emotions.


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