Peculiarities of Functioning of Borrowed Lexical Items in Language of Ukrainian Mass Media

Keywords: language of mass media; lexical borrowings; thematic groups; stylistic role; spelling features.


The article analyzes the most commonly used foreign-language lexical items in the language of modern Ukrainian mass media. The object of the article is to study the thematic direction of foreign-language lexical items, to determine their stylistic role, as well as to indicate the instability of spelling of certain borrowings. The descriptive method and method of observation are used as main in scientific research for the study of lexical items in the language of Ukrainian periodicals of the beginning of the XXI century. At different stages of the research, the method of functional analysis was used to determine the stylistic load of lexical items. Foreign-language words are an integral part of Ukrainian vocabulary, due to some extralinguistic factors, such as Ukraine’s course towards European integration, the process of globalization, restructuring of the economy, orientation towards the countries of the West, that have caused a close cultural, political, and social and economic cooperation of the Ukrainians with other nations. As the language of modern mass media shows, borrowings get into various scopes of society: economic, social and political, scientific, cultural, educational, communication, everyday life etc. Due to the active borrowing of foreign-language lexical items, we can have a threatening linguistic situation: functioning of doublets in the language, increasing the number of unwanted homonyms, borrowing of proper names without translation, borrowing of words that aim at imitating something different. Often borrowings in the Ukrainian language have different spelling, which proves the instability of spelling and which requires further scientific researches.


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