Trends in the Expression of Communicative Tolerance in Adolescence

Keywords: tolerance, communicative tolerance, adolescents, mental development, socio-cultural space.


The article is devoted to the problem of tolerance as a philosophy of humane relations in the modern unstable socio-cultural world. The culture of tolerance is positioned as a culture of the ХХІ century. The author presents the results of the semantic and interpretive analysis of the concept of «tolerance», defines its psycholinguistic markers. The article reveals the essence of the concept of «tolerance», emphasizes the functional significance of tolerance in the development of personality. Considerable attention is paid by the author to communicative tolerance as the basic mechanism of regulation and humanization of interpersonal communication, and especially in the process of personality maturation. The article presents the results of an empirical study of the tendencies of communicative tolerance of adolescents and young men using the method of V.V. Boyko; the diagnostic resource of this method allows to study the tolerant and intolerant attitudes of the personality. It is proved that the complex development of the communicative tolerance of the personality of adolescents and young men is possible only in the system of professional psychological and pedagogical support of the subject- and sociogenesis in a tolerantly oriented educational space.


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