Psycholinguistic Identification Sign-Color Markers of Perception Newspaper Editors

Keywords: psycholinguistic identification, color markers, perception, newspaper editorials.


The purpose of the study: the process of identification of color-coded markers of perception of the editorials of the newspaper «Moscow Bolshevik» for 1941.

Methodology: selected 6 newspaper editorials in six issues of the Russian-language newspaper «Moscow Bolshevik» in 1941. The experiment is individual, carried out from April 1 to April 20, 2020 using the electronic resource «free mail» on the «.ua» domain. 48 subjects aged 19-21, living in two regions of Ukraine, were asked to see photocopies of newspaper editorials. According to the instructions, the subjects were asked to answer three questions: (1) «What color, in your opinion, is the text that you read?»; (2) «Why exactly this color?»; (3) «What does your chosen color mean?».

Conclusions. Significant reasons for the identification of the color of six editorials of six issues of the Soviet newspaper «Moscow Bolshevik» for 1941 by subjects living in 2020 are reduced to the declaration of the names of the subject realities of both the first year of the Great Patriotic War (1941) and the modern realities of 2020. The position on the effectiveness of the application of the quantum chronos method in the study was confirmed.


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