Age Features of the Psychosemantic Image of COVID-19

Keywords: psychosemantic image, COVID-19, psychosemantic differential, youth, adults.


The article theoretically substantiate the significance of the semantic differential as an actual method of studying the peculiarities of the perception of various stimules. The purpose of the study is to describe and interpret the results of psychosemantic study of the image of COVID-19 in the minds of respondents of different ages. Empirical sample – 76 persons. The first subgroup – «youth» (students 17–20 years), the second – «adults» (persons 21–30 years). An empirical study found that for the first subgroup, the most important psychosemantic factors in the structure of COVID-19 image are «Bad Hate» and «Fresh Spending», for the second – «Gloomy Anger» and «Active Gravity». It is stated that the intergroup discrepancy in the semantic content of the most significant categorical-semantic structures of this image explains different age factors: greater affectivity of youth compared to adults; specific fear of additional costs in the former, as a less economically protected category of the population, and a global sensory sense of active and strong «burden» – in the latter, who experience stronger «covid’s» risks and responsibilities in various areas of adult life (work, children, etc.).


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