Synonyms in the Lexicon of Preschool Children

Keywords: word, vocabulary, synonyms, synonymous series, speech, children of senior preschool age


The article is devoted to the study of the vocabulary of older preschool children, which outlines the linguistic analysis of synonymous words in the speech of older preschool children. The paper outlines the peculiarities of the use of synonyms in connection with the ability of children to find in reality important facts and signs based on similarities and differences and the meaning of what is said. Synonyms in childrens speech differ in semantic nuances, emotionally expressive collaring, the sphere of stylistic use or the possibility of combining with other words. In practical-game situations of everyday speech for speakers close in meaning may be words that are not recorded in the dictionaries of synonyms. Subjectively close are the units, combined with thematic and genus-species relations, so in each case of use, you can find the most appropriate word. The synonymy of language units is the result of the whole mechanism of the child's individual knowledge of language and speech.


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