Using Storytelling as a Technology for Effective Communication with Philology Students

Keywords: storytelling, narrative, lecture discourse, psychological factor.


Storytelling is a term used by marketers, journalists, psychologists and teachers, and understood as a communication technology where narration makes information interesting and memorable for the recipient. The article analyses peculiarities of the storytelling phenomenon in the philological lecture discourse. It systematizes its most typical characteristics. We used such methods discursive analysis, as well as methods of observation, systematization and classification. The study has revealed and described storytelling language means that philology lecturers use. The peculiarity of this phenomenon is emotional-and-evaluative and factual information combined by means of action verbs, as well as a dialogically expressed discourse through the elements of direct speech, the inclusive pronoun «we», rhetorical questions and exclamatory constructions. After analyzing the material, we came to the conclusion that it is expedient to use the storytelling phenomenon both in the educational environment in general and philology lecture discourse in particular.


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