Certain Aspects of the Communicative Function of Metaphorical Nomination

Keywords: metaphorical nomination, “reflective jump”, satiation.


The metaphorical character of speech is one of the characteristics of its quality. The metaphor, if correctly understood by the recipient, allows for the specificity of the named object to be assessed, and gives enough signs for assignment of object to a certain class. The degree of metaphorical nominativeness can be interpreted as a special value - the degree of metaphorization of discourse, and as a reflective leap provoked by the metaphorized text. Reflection is a tool of reconciling the content of the communicator's past experience and the speech situation. Due to reflection, the analyzed situation acquires certain features of the situations previously learned by the listener and changes the attitude of the addressee to the already existing experience. The cognitive potential of a metaphor depends on how far the category of the new image is from the category to which the act of reflection is directed. Metaphorical nomination is a tool of verbal diversity that is effective in preventing satiation.


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