Persuasive Statements as Indicators of Deception

Keywords: Persuasive Statements, deception, verbal and non-verbal signs of deception, logic, emotions.


The article exposes the essence of the concept of Deception and Persuasive Statements. It is given reasons why Persuasive Statements are the most essential indicators of deception. To detect deception, it is necessary to take into consideration both verbal (failure to answer, denial problems, repeating questions, non-answer statements, inconsistent statements, going into attack mode, inappropriate questions, overly specific answers, inappropriate level of politeness, inappropriate level of concern, selective memory, etc.) and non-verbal (behavior pause or delay, verbal-non-verbal disconnect, hiding the mouth or eyes, grooming gestures etc.) signs of deception. According to the results of observation there are three major factors to make persuasive statements more effective: logics (when the liar appeals to the reasonable facts and arguments in a logical order), emotions (when the liar appeals to the listener’s emotions) and common belief that people will not lie you. 



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