On the Issue of Applied Psycholinguistics in Organizational Research

Keywords: applied psycholinguistics, organizational research, lemmas, n-grams, methodology.


This publication discusses the use of psycholinguistic tools in organizational research. The example of a comprehensive study of managerial culture in a business organization has been considered, the pilot part of which was a problem-targeted survey of respondents among top managers. The respective textual results were reduced to lemmas and their frequency analysis was carried out. The predominant n-grams in the texts were also identified. These categories were used to study and assess the discursive field of managerial culture in the organization. The results of cross-analysis of discourses became the basis for the development of a hypothesis regarding the leadership deficit among the managers of the organization, the causes and consequences of this deficit. The formulated assumptions were confirmed by the results of the main part of the study, which included differential psychological testing and individual interviews with respondents.


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