Reasons for Actualization of Borrowings in Modern Ukrainian Language

Keywords: lexical-semantic processes, extralinguistic factors, borrowings, media discourse.


The article analyzes the reasons for the actualization of borrowings in the modern Ukrainian language on economic issues, due to a number of extralinguistic factors. The views of Ukrainian linguists on foreign lexical items are presented, in particular in the mass media discourse. Achieving the goal led to the use of the following methods: descriptive, comparative, contextual-semantic and functional analysis. The purpose of the work is to consider the reasons for the actualization of foreign language vocabulary in the modern Ukrainian language. We conclude that recently a significant part of terms of foreign origin has been actualized in the media, due to changes in the socio-economic sphere, the availability of the Internet, social networks, close interlingual interaction. It was found that the nominations, due to their frequent use in the press, gradually lost the signs of narrow specialization and became clear to non-specialists.


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