Concept Maps as an Effective Means of Foreign Language Training

Keywords: concept map, notions, concepts, mapping, learning foreign languages.


The article reveals the concept of conceptual mapping in the process of learning a foreign language. It is stated that a concept map is a diagram that shows the relationships between notions. Such maps are graphical tools for organizing and presenting knowledge. It is emphasized that the most useful form of a concept map for teaching and learning is one that is placed in a hierarchical organization, where more general and comprehensive notions are at the top of the map and more specific at the bottom.

The difference between concert cards and mind maps is given. It is emphasized that despite a similarity of mind maps and concept maps, these two methods differ in many respects, in particular, concept maps are characterized by clear links between the described ideas and are more structured than mind maps, as a formally approximate description, which places ideas in some sequence and organizes them hierarchically by levels of importance.


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