Jan Baudouin de Courtenay about the Connection of Language and Mentality

Keywords: linguistic historiographical aspect, actualistic method, psychosocial phenomenon, connection of language and mentality, language knowledge.


In the presented article an attempt of a special complex linguistic and historiographical study of J. Baudouin de Courtenay’s views according to the connection of language and mentality is done. The purpose of the paper is to reveal the issue of the connection of language and mentality in J. Baudouin de Courtenay’s interpretation accounting studious of his predecessors and contemporaries (first, the scholars of the Leipzig and Moscow linguistic schools). According to the purpose and objectives of the research, an actualistic method has been used in the work, which allows to trace the development of the object in the past and to foresee some trends for future development grounded on modern knowledge. The main task of the research is to disclosure of the new, which Baudouin de Courtenay introduced into the study of psychosocial properties of language, a complete and objective studying of linguistic historiographical material, taking into account the continuity in the deepening of scientific knowledge of language. In particular, J. Baudouin de Courtenay put forward a concept of language knowledge along with «intuitive, contemplative, direct knowledge and scientific, theoretic knowledge». The material presented in the article proves that Baudouin de Courtenay gave a deeper and more profound analysis of the psychosocial nature of the language and social factors of its development than his contemporaries.


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