The Psycholinguistic Structure of the Concept of «Flirting»

Keywords: ludic competence, playfulness, ludic position, flirting, psycholinguistic experiment, free association test, linguistic consciousness, youth.


The aim of this study was to reveal and to describe the structure of the verbalized concept of «flirting». The main method of the research was a psycholinguistic experiment. The sample comprised 400 young people (aged 18-35), males and females being equally represented. The concept of «flirting» is represented by eleven clusters, four of them are core: «verbal and non-verbal ways of communication», «forms and ways of interaction», «emotions, feelings, states», and «gender». Two psycholinguistic meanings of «flirting» concept were described: «The stage of courtship with no intimate relation», «Sexual relationship». The semantic content of the concept of «flirting» does not depend on gender identification. The general attitude of the respondents to the stimulus «lightness» is quite positive.


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