Editorial Policy

1.1. Ethics Topics to Consider Authors when Publishing
1.2. Fees or Charges for Authors
1.3. Review Policy
1.4. Copyright, Access, and Licensing
1.5. Data Access and Retention
1.6. Archiving
1.7. Open Access Policy
1.8. Plagiarism Policy
1.9. Confidentiality Policy
1.10. Conflict of Interest


The release of the Conference papers in "Psycholinguistics in a Modern World" follows the next transnational principles:

  • Executes the requirements of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), of Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), Berlin Declaration Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, and Publishing Ethics Resource Kit for Editors (PERK) (Elsevier).
  • Adheres to editorial independence.
  • Gives priority to the discussion and discussions.
  • Removes any conflicts of interests.
  • Encourages and supports scientific honesty.
  • Gives advantage to the intellectual standards and levels of materials, but not to the financial and political benefit and commercial reasoning.
  • Satisfies scientific necessities and interests of authors and readers.
  • Guarantees the quality of materials which are published.
  • Informs the authors about the rules and requirements of publication.
  • Provides freedom for expression the opinions of authors of the articles.
  • Watches after the observance of intellectual ownership rights.
  • Protects the confidentiality of the individual recipients–investigators who participated in psycholinguistic longitudinal and mass experiments.
  • Adheres to tolerance in the intercourse.